COVID-19 Updates

The following procedures have been created to meet the needs of the community during the Covid-19 Pandemic.  These protocols meet the standards of the latest Public Health Order. Modifications to these procedures may be made as changes to the Public Health Order change.

Childcare establishments, summer camps, and other educational or recreational institutions or programs providing care or supervision for children of all ages. To the extent possible and compliant with any licensing requirements, these operations must also comply with the following conditions:

1. They must be carried out in stable groups of 12 or fewer children (“stable” means that the same 12 or fewer children are in the same group each day and for at least four consecutive weeks).

2. Children shall not change from one group to another or attend more than one childcare establishment, summer camp, and other educational or recreational instruction or program simultaneously.

3. If more than one group of children is at one facility, each group shall be in a separate rooms or spaces that cannot be accessed by children or adults outside the stable group. Groups shall not mix with each other.

4. Providers, educators and other staff cannot serve more than one group of children and shall remain solely with that group of children during the duration of the childcare establishment, summer camp, other educational or recreational institution or program.

Personal Protective Equipment

  • All staff will be required to wear a face mask while at camp. 

  • Children ages 2 years and older will be required to wear face coverings.

  • Staff will provided with Health Packs, a fanny pack that will include: Hand sanitizer, gloves, band aids and face masks.

Drop-Off/ Pick-Up

  • A designated drop-off/pick up area will be set up outside, before entering the portables.

  • Participants will go through a health screening before being signed in and allowed to enter the classroom.  Details of the screening process are below.

  • Hand sanitizer will be available so participants can wash/sanitize their hands before they enter. Participants will wash their hands upon entry to the classroom.

  • Individual sign in sheets will be prepared for each participant to reduce contact.

  • Clean pens will be available for sign in.  After one use, the pens will be placed in a “used” container and sanitized prior to next use.

  • Markers will be placed outside to establish safe distance for families during drop off/pick up.

  • Families will be asked, as best they can, the same parent or designated person drop off and pick up the child every day.

  • Families will be asked, if a participant will be absent, to notify staff and confirm it is not due to Covid-19 Symptoms.

  • Staff will contact families if no communication is made.

Health Screening

  • All staff and participants will be screened before entering portables.

  • Temperature checks and health questionnaire will be done

  • Staff will use a no-touch temporal thermometer

  • Participants who have a fever of 100.40 (38.00C) or above or other signs of illness will admitted.

  • Posters displaying visual symptoms to look for will be posted at the check in areas and throughout the campus.

  • Symptoms include: flushed cheeks, rapid breathing or difficulty breathing (without recent physical activity), fatigue, or extreme fussiness.


  • If a participant develops a fever while at camp, the parent/guardian will be notified immediately and the child will be to be picked up.

  • The participant will be moved to a designated area until they are picked up, to avoid exposure.

Supplies and Toys

  • Each child will be provided with a tote that includes supplies assigned to them. 

  • These items will not be shared with other participants.  Items may include: Crayons, markers, color pencils, paper.

  • Non porous toys such as Legos will be cleaned daily.  Bins can be used to clean and disinfect:

    • Bin 1: Soap and water then rinse

    • Bin 2: Approved disinfectant

    • Bin 3: Rinse

    • Allow to Air Dry

  • Participants will not be allowed to bring toys from home


  • Participants will use designated restrooms.

  • Portables: each classroom has an individual restroom

  • All participants will be reminded to wash hand after using the restroom

  • Staff will disinfect restrooms between use with approved cleaners

Clean and Disinfect

  • A daily cleaning schedule will be developed and posted

  • Surfaces used frequently will be cleaned throughout the day.  Areas include: counters, tables, chairs, doorknobs, light switches, sink handles etc.

  • All areas of the rooms used will be sprayed with approved disinfectant at the end of the day and allowed to sit overnight.

Food Handling

  • Only prepackaged snacks will be provided, distributed by camp staff.

  • Participants will bring bagged lunch from home

  • Heating up of food will not be provided. 

  • Participants must bring their own water/beverages from home, water fountains will not be available.

Hand Washing Practices

  • All participants and staff should practice good hand washing as recommended by CDC

  • Wash hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds. If hands are not visibly dirty, alcohol-based hand sanitizers with at least 60% alcohol can be used if soap and water are not readily available.

  • Posters with hand washing steps will be placed near all sinks

  • Hand washing should happen during the following:

    • Arrival to the campus and after breaks

    • Before and after preparing snack

    • Before and after eating

    • Before and after administering medication or medical ointment

    • After using the restroom

    • After coming in contact with bodily fluid (sneezing or bloody nose)

    • After playing outdoors or in sand

    • After handling garbage