Spring Break 2021

Get ready for a week of spring themed fun, featuring activities that: foster creativity, exploration and community! Campers will enjoy a variety of art projects, entertaining games, meeting new friends and outdoor play! 

Camp is from 7:30AM-6PM. Here's a look at how the day is broken down:

7:30AM-9:25AM -- Free Choice & Morning Snack

9:25AM-- 11:25AM -- Indoor & Outdoor Play (10:30AM Magician Demo on Wed.)

11:30AM-12:30PM-- Outdoor Lunch & Outdoor Play

12:30PM-5:30PM-- Indoor & Outdoor Play (3PM-3:30PM Snack and a Story)

5:30-6PM-- Free Choice

Masks are required and COVID-19 guidelines will be followed!

Day 1


"Bunny Day"


Bunny House Craft

Obstacle Course

Parachute Games

Day 2


"Field & Flowers Day"

Dress Up: Sport Jerseys

Fork Stamped Tulips

Camp Talent Show

Plank Race

Day 3


"Egg Day"

Magician Perry Demo

Egg Roll & Paint Project

Egg & Spoon Races

Day 4


"Dirt & Garden Day"


Dirt & Worm Cups

Pasta Sculptures

Day 5


"Weather Day"

Pack: Swim Suit / Towel for Water Play

Umbrella Craft

Water Balloons!

Paper Bag of Goodies: Skits